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Growing Tomatoes in Pots

Tomatoes are ideal fruit plants to grow at home. They can be organically grown in pots and don’t always need to be transferred in the ground even when they reach their maximum size. They are ideal plants to start gardening with, as they are fast growing and these are the best plants to introduce your kids to gardening with.

Selecting the right tomato variety

Not all tomatoes can be grown successfully in pots, and you have to make sure you select the correct variety. You should go for the dwarf varieties or the ones that form bushes for growing in pots as this plant has a deep root system and spreads out a lot. You can ask for help at gardening stores and they would probably give you the best seeds suited to growing in pots.


Any size containers will do for the seeds, but eventually you will have to transfer the plants to larger containers. In the beginning you can even use cardboard containers for the seeds. You must potted-tomato-carmello1v-lmake sure that the final containers for your plants are deep, and can hold at least 5 gallons or even more. Plastic pots, earthen ware pots or even fiberglass pots will do fine, as long as they have sufficient holes for drainage.


Use readymade organic soil or add peat moss or even compost to soil and prepare it yourself. Always try to add plant food to the mixture to allow healthy growth.  Once your seedlings have grown sufficiently, you should transfer them to a larger container, unless you have planted the seeds in the large container directly. Choose a mildly sunny day, or transfer them at mid afternoon and keep them in the shade for a day as soon as you transfer the seeds. This will allow them time to settle in their new containers.

Transferring pots

Tomatoes require at least 5 hours of sunlight for healthy growth daily. You can place your pots on a terrace, balcony or even on the roof, if you don’t have a back yard or garden space.


Tomatoes are very bushy and require a lot of support for their growth. You will probably be using sticks to support the stems and leaves and always allow room for their growth.

Watering and fertilizing

You will need to water tomato plants regularly and thoroughly. This plant requires daily watering and the soil should not be allowed to get too dry. Make sure you add organic fertilizers, but only after the plants have reached a certain growth. Never over fertilize the plants, after all Mother Nature didn’t need any fertilizers to grow tomatoes in the first place! Try keeping the pot soil free of fungi and weeds, and your tomato plants will remain healthy and bear lovely succulent fruit within 6-8 weeks.

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